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2023: Heartwalker is a spin-off of a very popular spiritual dating platform in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – from now on available in the UK and Ireland! Be one of the first spiritual people to sign up, tell your friends and keep coming back!

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What is Heartwalker?

Heartwalker is a spiritual dating platform for empaths. It is a spin-off of a very popular spiritual dating platform in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – from now on available in the UK and Ireland!

The empath hangout

Every dating platform is viewed critically — and rightly so. Dating platforms are usually either overloaded with advertising, turning the user into a product — by passing on personal data — or they cost so much money that hardly anyone can afford them.

On the one hand, both fit exactly to our current world system, on the other hand, they are no fit at all to get to know one another in a trusting manner.

This is especially true for empathetic people who appreciate honest conversation and are committed to sustainable concepts and ideas.

Spiritual Man

Your fair dating site

Heartwalker is your opportunity for a reputable, secure, holistic and completely informal dating service. This platform will always be powered by sustainable resources and will always be fair to its users. There are also no fake profiles created by the operator or other commercial tricks. Everything you see is real.

The features of Heartwalker in brief:

  • Spiritually open, empathetic and/or alternative members
  • Having a profile is 100% free with no expiration date
  • Full membership for just 4.99 £ per month, bookable without minimum term
  • Free search with a high level of privacy
  • You can look around freely without feeling observed (no visitor list)
  • Public & private messages as well as video chats
  • Secure – thanks to SSL encryption and individual cookie settings

What is the catch? There is none. Fairness and sustainability must be the driving force behind life on earth — that is what we believe in.

A spiritual dating site and its special features — who can you meet here?

At Heartwalker there are people with a spiritual interest. Among them, however, there are many different characteristics, across different preferences, inclinations and beliefs. You can meet here:

  • Women and men of all ages
  • Empathetic people
  • Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP)
  • Ecological people
  • Alternative people
  • Single mothers and fathers
  • Vegetarians and vegans
  • Different faiths
  • Different gender preferences
  • and much more without any of these points being a requirement in any way

Heartwalker is a platform for holistic dating. Be aware of this and enjoy that diversity.

Fair dating platform

Rock solid

Sustainable dating platform

Heartwalker is a dating site for spiritually interested people and/or people who live alternatively. It is operated with the following principles accordingly:

  • 100% own solar power for office use (development and support)
  • 100% green electricity for web and database servers (our technical basis)
  • 100% ad-free: no personalized advertising, no data transfer
  • 100% fair: profile free of charge, all functions only 4.99 £, no minimum term
  • 100% spam-free: message function only for full members
  • 100% support: Ask us your question and we will answer as soon as possible

Spiritual dating and meeting new people

The special orientation of this platform has some special features for communicating with each other. Emphatic people are very open to new people. However, getting to know new situations is also very intensive. This means that they usually want to deal with one person at a time. Having many different conversations is certainly common on other dating sites — love has become an intoxicant. If you are interested in testing your “market value”, our dating site is not for you.

Everyone else will find exactly the kind of person here who can openly and sincerely get excited about getting to know each other in depth. As a sensitive being, you have completely different options in dealing with and appreciating a person. Your need for harmony and perfection in your life is correspondingly deep. You crave nothing more than deep, honest love — on both sides. The way to your soul mate is often long and difficult. This isn’t always “wrong” either, since the deep fulfillment in loving another person is connected to one thing above all else — self-love.

Meeting your soul mate

Natural love

Self-love as the key to growth

Of course, loving yourself isn’t an overnight project. In order to love yourself, you have to find yourself first. Long-distance travel, the active expression of creativity, yoga and meditation are means of approaching this self-discovery. Ultimately, however, the difficult moments that we perceive as negative and stressful determine how much we grow. None of your past partnerships have been in vain. You’ve learned something and your counterpart has probably learned something too — no matter how much, you always take something with you. Mainly about yourself.

Have you always “fallen” for the same type of person? Have you always come across people who are not good for you? Have you built up a protective wall in the meantime to protect you from new disappointments? This is the empathic path of realization. And it has a worthwhile ending, rest assured. Getting to know yourself, i.e. your beliefs, your needs and your preferences will help you to magically attract those who belong to you. All that is sometimes missing is a suitable “interface”, a chance for the universe to attack and bring two people together.

See Heartwalker as such an opportunity for you — and actively shape a completely new future with new opportunities, new experiences and deep inner fulfillment. Don’t settle for less.

Some principles of conduct

Since a standardized understanding of communication can never be assumed, a few principles should be set out below to ensure that every member is affected as positively as possible by this dating site. All members are required to observe the following points:

  1. Please be aware that this is about spiritual encounter. Here you will find highly sensitive or otherwise alternative people who may deviate from the mainstream.
  2. Please reply to every message, even if your reply just says, “Thanks, I’m not interested.” That’s fair and polite.
  3. Please treat everyone as you would like to be treated. Introduce yourself briefly in every message and use your real name (which of course you don’t have to use as your profile name).
  4. Please do not waste an opportunity to get to know someone special by waiting for that someone to write you. Write them first!

Questions and contact

Below is some information that can make it easier for you to use Heartwalker.

All members are real people

We use various technical measures to detect spam and fake accounts when registering. Nevertheless, sometimes fake accounts make it into the member list. In this case, each profile has a “Report User” button next to their profile picture. Please use this button if you find a profile suspicious.

The Terms of Use apply, which serve to protect each individual. By using this website you acknowledge them.

Frequently asked questions and their answers

There are a number of questions that keep coming up. In order to reduce the support load, we have created an FAQ.

For a list of frequently asked questions and their answers, please click here.

If you have any questions that go beyond this list, you can contact us at any time.

Contact us

If you would like to tell us something, you are welcome to send an e-mail to the following address:

We look forward to reading from you :)



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