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In order to provide you with the best possible support, the frequently asked questions and their answers are collected below.

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Below you will find all of the frequently asked questions we received from our members.

By the way, you can set the visibility of the individual fields of your profile according to your privacy preferences here.

Nobody sends me a message! What can I do?

First of all, you should make your profile as appealing as possible. This includes uploading a profile picture (perhaps also a cover picture) and as meaningful a “free text” as possible under “About me”.

The more additional information you provide about yourself, the better other members can decide for themselves whether you suit them or not.

The privacy settings of the individual fields allow you to decide at any time who can see your data (everyone, only members, only friends — or only yourself).

Next is what is always true in online dating: don’t wait for others, get active yourself! You should write to a person you like. Chances are the other person is also thinking, “Why isn’t anyone contacting me?” — just like you. Someone has to take the first step — it’s best to just do it yourself!

How can I upload / change my profile picture?

In principle, uploading photos/images also works on smartphones and tablets. However, some mobile browsers do not support access to your photos. If it doesn’t work from your smartphone or tablet, it’s best to use your computer.

There you can then use the following link to set or change your profile picture: Change profile picture

If the image upload does not work, your selected image is either (much) too big or (much) too small. Then try another image. If that doesn’t work either, please mail us and send us the photo as an attachment. We will then adjust it and assign it to your profile.

What is the difference between a profile picture and a cover picture?

A profile picture is usually a photo of you. It appears in the member overview and is used to identify your profile.

A cover photo can only be seen when your profile is visited. It’s a wide image that gives your profile information a custom look and feel.

How can I contact people?

To do this, go through the following steps:

  1. Step: Log in at
  2. Step: View members at (if needed filter)
  3. Step: Click on a profile you like
  4. Step: Click the “Private Message” link to the right of (below on mobile) the member’s profile picture
  5. Step: Write a message and click “Send message”

As soon as the other person replies, you can view the message in your messages and compose a reply yourself from there.

How do video chats work?

You know that no data such as telephone number, e-mail address, etc. should be exchanged via online platforms, as you never know whether the person you are talking to is trustworthy. Nevertheless, you want to get to know the other “properly” by seeing him and hearing his voice.

That’s why we’ve developed a new feature: video chats!

Important: Video chats are only available to full members who are connected as friends. You can book your full membership here.

If you like a user, first add them as a friend. You do this using the “+” button in the member overview. Only friends can hold video chats.

Once the other member has confirmed your friend request, you can make video calls together. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Make an appointment with your friend at a certain time using the messages function.
  2. Open the friends list in your profile.< /li>
  3. Click the “Start Video Chat” link below the person you want to video chat with.
  4. Wait for your friend to do the same.
  5. During your first video chat, your browser will ask you whether you want to allow access to the microphone and webcam – confirm this.
  6. Type in a name you want to appear as in the video chat and click/tap “Join Conference”
  7. Enjoy getting to know each other!

Caution: A prerequisite for a successful video call is that you have a microphone and webcam connected to your computer. Your browser must also have permission to use both microphone and webcam. The same applies to your interlocutor.

We recommend the browser “Chrome“, as it prompted all devices to reliably query permission requests. Please note that we cannot provide support for other browsers.

If you want to use video chats from your tablet or smartphone, you can also use an app that is suggested to you when you open the video chat. But you can also use the mobile website.

Heartwalker cannot overhear or see conversations.

What can I do if the site “isn’t working?”

In this case, the system has been further developed and your browser still has an outdated version in the cache, which can lead to collisions. In this case, please reset your browser:

  1. Clear Firefox cache
  2. Clear Chrome Cache
  3. Clear Safari Cache

How exactly do gifts work?

Next to each member’s profile picture you will see the “Send Gift” button. If you click on this button, a mask opens that gives you a choice of various gifts, which you can also add a message to as a full member.

Each gift will be exchanged for “LoveCoins” on the platform. You automatically earn LoveCoins through certain activities on the platform. Find out more here.

I registered but didn’t receive my account activation confirmation email. What can I do?

The e-mail to activate your account will be sent to you automatically after registration. If you don’t see them in your inbox, please also check your spam, junk, and other folders in your email account.

For future reference please add to your email address book. This ensures that future emails (notifications of friend requests, etc.) can reach you.

It also often happens that visitors make a typo when entering their email address. Try the registration again and pay close attention to your entries so as not to wait in vain for an e-mail.

I get the message “Invalid activation key” – what can I do?

The activation key is only used for the first and one-time activation of your account. Chances are very good that your account is already activated when you get the message “Invalid Activation Key”. Therefore, the activation key will be rejected on a second activation attempt.

In this case you can easily log in:

If you actually get the above message on the very first try and you can’t login either, please get in touch. However, this case has not yet happened.

I don’t see some members’ profile pictures. Am I doing something wrong?

There can be three reasons for this: First, for data protection reasons, large profile pictures are only visible to logged-in members.

Then it may be that the person concerned has either not uploaded a public picture – or you have activated an AdBlocker. This blocks the profile pictures of some members who have logged in/registered via the previous Facebook login. So that they can be displayed correctly, you should deactivate your AdBlocker (of course only for this page). There is no advertising on Heartwalker anyway.

How can I adjust my privacy settings?

You can set the visibility of the individual fields of your profile according to your privacy preferences here.

Which of my details are publicly visible to everyone?

In principle, you can freely define your privacy settings, so that almost every attribute can be made visible or invisible (see previous question). Visibility is possible for “everyone”, “just me”, “all members” and “my friends”.

The short profile name is publicly visible to all visitors of Heartwalker. If necessary, do not use your real name as a short profile name.

The main profile picture is only visible in the high-resolution state in the member list and on your profile page for members who are registered and logged in.

Only the small profile picture icons in the Activities page and sidebar are publicly visible to add some liveliness to the platform. Not much of you can be seen here, however.

If this is not enough for you, you do not necessarily have to upload a picture of yourself as a profile picture. You can also use the “media” for this. Here you can set the privacy settings yourself again as desired.

I’m being harassed or I’ve found a fake account. What can I do?

We use various technical measures to detect spam and fake accounts when registering. Nevertheless, sometimes fake accounts make it into the member list. In this case, each profile now has a “Report User” button next to their profile picture.

If you click on this button, it leads to a pre-formulated e-mail with the ID of the profile, so that we can take action on our side. Please use this button if you find a profile negative – for example, if it asks for your contact details (telephone number, e-mail address, etc.), publishes advertising texts or pointless activities and the like. In this way, these accounts are exposed as quickly as possible and are removed immediately.

If you just want to block the person from future contact, use the “Block” button to the right of their profile picture.

Many thanks for your participation!

Please delete my profile.

Note #1: If you just want to delete yourself because you couldn’t find anyone near you: Please stick with it, otherwise the next user who might live close by will feel the same way!

Note #2: If you want to cancel/pause your membership / subscription, you do NOT have to delete your profile. Just fill out the termination form (see footer link) and we’ll stop your monthly payments. You will only lose access to the messaging functions, but not access to your profile.

If you really want to delete your profile, please click here.

Thanks for this great site!

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